Permission To Try

Tom Peters is one of my favorite business writers, check him out at Peters’ is very passionate about leaders bringing the best out of their employees and the importance of creating an organizational culture that encourages people to try new ideas.

We have all sat through boring PowerPoint presentations, but Peters’ creates slides that are creative and unique, which he freely shares on his website. Check out three of my favorite slides below, which I displayed for the employees that I led when I served as Chief of Staff to the Buffalo Common Council. My goal was in every way possible to encourage people to raise new ideas and to try new ways of conducting business. New ideas often fail and that is ok as long as we are trying to improve the status quo through change.

As elected officials and government leaders we need to create a culture that encourage new ideas. The first step is giving  employees permission to try new ideas.

What do you think of the slides below? My favorite of the three is the one with a tombstone.

Tom Peters Slides

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